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See also our Heaphy Track: Frequently Asked Questions. Welcome to the Golden Bay Air Blog: ‘Everything Under the Sun’ where we share what we know about our beautiful region. Enjoy!

By Richard and Lisa: 1 January, 2022

The Heaphy Track is a heady combination of lush forest, tussock downs, rock outcrops and booming West Coast surf—and it's one of our favourite walks in the country here at Golden Bay Air.

Whether you're wondering what you'll see, deciding what to pack, or thinking about logistics, read on for a complete guide to walking the Heaphy Track. Read more... about the Complete Guide to the Heaphy Track

View along Heaphy Track heading north, palm fringed beach

By Simon Thomas: 21 December, 2021

So you've decided to walk the Heaphy Track—you're in for an epic adventure on New Zealand's Great Walk with the widest variety of landscapes!

I will walk you through some easy steps to planning a multi-day trip on the Heaphy Track, from deciding on your Heaphy huts to your transport logistics to your packing and food preparation. Read more... about Planning your Heaphy Track trip

Standing by Heaphy Sign at Brown Hut

By Simon Thomas: 18 September, 2021

The Heaphy Track has the most diverse scenery of any Great Walk in New Zealand—from Beech forest to rocky mountain terrain, to tussock downs, to Nikau palms and thundering surf, and plenty of entertainment along the way.

Read on for the full details of the track and a heads up on those bucket-list activities and sights that add to the magic of the Heaphy. Read more... about 7 must-dos

Beware, giant snails lurk on the Heaphy Track!

By Simon Thomas: 9 May, 2021

On a multi-day hike, the gear you take can be the difference between enjoying an epic adventure or suffering a painful slog.

Because, when done right, freeze dried food, lightweight backpacks and modern fabric can see you carrying as little as 5kg for a two-day trip, and 7kg for four days (including food!). Read more... about What gear to pack

Lawn in front of Heaphy Hut with Heaphy River mouth in background

By Simon Thomas: 16 March, 2021

Hiking through the lush forests and gorgeous coastline of the Heaphy or Abel Tasman Coast Tracks is made all the more pleasurable when you're walking light. To lighten the load, think about every item you take—ask yourself, it might be useful some of the time, but do you really need it?

Also, can you afford to upgrade different bits of gear to lighter versions? Or can you ditch some non-essentials? Read more... about Tips to save weight

Crossing stream on the Heaphy Track

By Simon Thomas: 2 January, 2021

The Heaphy Track and Abel Tasman Coast Track are two incredible Great Walks in the upper South Island—lush forest, stunning coastlines, abundant wildlife and plenty of history.

To up your game and make your walking experience as unforgettable as the scenery, there's a few magical tips you need to know about. Read more... about Top 10 walking tips

New swingbridge crossing the Heaphy River

By Lisa & Richard: 21 June, 2024

The Abel Tasman National Park is a New Zealand must-do—for locals and travellers alike.

Whether you’re walking the Abel Tasman Coast Track or sampling it as part of a wider trip to the beautiful Golden Bay and Nelson-Tasman region—at Golden Bay Air we’ve got you covered with advice on logistics and activities to include. Read more... about Guide to the Abel Tasman Coast Track

By Lisa & Richard: 7 July, 2024

Abel Tasman National Park is the country's smallest. Yet it packs in forest, beautiful beaches, abundant wildlife and plenty of Māori and European history.

To enhance your knowledge and experience, here's a brief context and history this wonderful national treasure. Read more... about Discovering Abel Tasman National Park

By Lisa & Richard: 9 July, 2024

Embarking on the Abel Tasman Coast Track promises a relaxing journey along stunning golden beaches.

To ensure your hike is smooth and enjoyable, read on for practical information on planning and navigating the track. Read more... about Planning your Abel Tasman Coast Track walk

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