Heaphy Track Transport for Bikers

Map showing Golden Bay Air flight and shuttle routes between Nelson, Takaka, Brown Hut and Karamea

Between 1 May and 30 November each year, the Heaphy Track adds 'Great Ride' to its 'Great Walk' status. 79km of well graded single-track with some more technical sections, traversing stunning scenery makes for a sensational multi-day ride. The route traverses Kahurangi National Park between Golden Bay and the far north of the West Coast, points 450km apart by road.

Make your transport part of the adventure with Golden Bay Air's Heaphy Track flights and shuttles! Golden Bay Air operates daily scheduled flights and scheduled shuttles from Wellington, Takaka, Nelson and Karamea to both the Brown Hut (Golden Bay) and Kohaihai (West Coast) ends of the track. This allows you to book transport to ride the track in either direction. You can also break your journey at any point—for example to overnight in Takaka and/or Karamea.

We offer great value Heaphy Track transport packages for bikers from Wellington, Takaka, Nelson and Karamea.

See also our Heaphy Track Transport for Walkers.

We recommend you check out the availability of your Heaphy transport before you book your huts or campsites with the Department of Conservation.

Heaphy Track Transport Options

A group of three bikers pose in front of Golden Bay Air passenger van with trailer carrying mountain bikes at Takaka Airport with Airvan aircraft parked in background

Heaphy Transport from Takaka for bikers

Park at Takaka Airport, load your bikes on our trailer and we're off to Brown Hut. After your exhilarating Heaphy ride, we'll fly you and your bike back to your car. Simple! More... about Transport from Takaka

Three riders survey Gouland Downs from Heaphy Track with Mount Perry in the background

Heaphy Transport from Nelson for bikers

Golden Bay Air offers great flight and shuttle bus options for riders to get to the Heaphy from Nelson. Available as all-inclusive return transport packages. More... about Transport from Nelson

 Two riders pose on the swing bridge over the Kohaihai river, at the start of the Heaphy Track, their image reflected in the water

Heaphy Transport from Wellington for bikers

The fastest way to get riding the Heaphy from Wellington is to fly with Golden Bay Air to Takaka then shuttle to Brown Hut. Wellington return package available. More... about Transport from Wellington

A lone biker rides toward the camera along the sun-lit Nikau lined coastal section of the Heaphy Track

Heaphy Transport from Karamea for bikers

Park at Karamea Aerodrome and ride the Heaphy. We'll pick you and your bikes up from Brown Hut and shuttle you to Takaka Airport for your flight back to Karamea. More... about Transport from Karamea

Why Golden Bay Air?

  • We know the Heaphy—we’ve walked it and biked it ourselves, and we’ve flown it since 2006. If you need advice with planning any aspect of your journey, contact us—we can help!
  • We operate both flights and shuttles—so every part of your journey is covered, and we’ll coordinate it all for you
  • Our Heaphy Track shuttles provide complimentary pickups and dropoffs to and from your accommodation, downtown and airport locations
  • We have dedicated bike trailers for our shuttles plus we provide bikeframe and wheel bags for safely packing your bikes on our aircraft, and we can help with storage of your gear while you ride
  • We’ll look after you and provide back-up options if the weather doesn’t play ball
  • The flights are spectacular, our pilots and drivers give great commentary, and you’ll have more time to spend where it matters—on the track!

Note minimum 2 fares may apply (except for Wellington-Takaka service) but flight fare specials are available on repositioning legs of flights that are already booked. Single shuttle fares are available on shuttles that have existing bookings in place.

Solo riders may also pay the two-fare minimum with a partial refund available if others book. You can search flights and shuttles online but to book seats with bike freight, please contact us.

Biking the Heaphy Track

Get a picture of what it's like to ride the Heaphy Track, the scenery and the hut accommodation you'll enjoy.

Heaphy Track Information

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