Terms and Conditions

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Check-in Locations

WELLINGTON: Gates 3-5. Proceed with your bags directly through the open barrier leading to Gates 3-12 and wait at Gate 3 Lounge. Your flight will not be called over the public address system—your pilot will meet you at our check-in desk at Gate 3 Lounge at check-in time

TAKAKA FLIGHTS: Golden Bay Air Terminal, Takaka Airport, 290 Takaka-Collingwood Highway. Free carparking

TAKAKA SHUTTLES: Golden Bay Air, Takaka Airport, 290 Takaka-Collingwood Highway unless otherwise noted on your ticket

NELSON FLIGHTS: Golden Bay Air check-in desk, Main Terminal, Nelson Airport. Your pilot will meet you at our check-in desk at check-in time

NELSON SHUTTLES: Miller Acre carpark bus stop, 41 Halifax Street, Nelson unless otherwise noted on your ticket

MARAHAU/KAITERITERI: Abel Tasman carpark bus stop, 2 Harvey Road, Marahau, unless otherwise noted on your ticket

WAINUI: Wainui carpark, 280 McShane Rd, Wainui Bay (cellphone reception)

BROWN HUT: Brown Hut carpark shelter (cellphone reception)

KOHAIHAI: Kohaihai carpark shelter (cellphone reception)

KARAMEA: Karamea Aerodrome, Aerodrome Road unless otherwise noted on your ticket. Free carparking

Flight Check-in

Check-in closes 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your flight, or as advised on your e-Ticket. We accept no liability for failure to comply with check-in times. After final check-in, seats may be made available to other passengers


Bookings made through the Golden Bay Air website must be paid for at the time of booking by credit or debit card. VISA and Mastercard are accepted. A 2.0% bank fee applies to credit/debit card payments. Passengers wishing to pay by direct credit must contact Golden Bay Air to make a booking. Tickets with payment instructions will be emailed. Payment of fares must be completed within 24 hours of booking by crediting BNZ account 02 0520 0082329 00 Golden Bay Air Limited, referencing the associated booking number/s. Once payment has been received, the ticketing will be resent, marked as paid. Failure to make the transfer within 24 hours may result in the booking becoming inactive

Flight Baggage

  1. Included baggage allowance 7kg per person. Baggage allowances include carry-on baggage
  2. Excess baggage is charged at $3 per kg increment if pre-booked; $5 per kg if presented at check-in and carriage is not guaranteed on the same flight as the passenger
  3. Pets, bikes, surfboards and freight items incur a charge and must be booked in advance or carriage is not guaranteed
  4. Individual bags must not exceed W=600mm x D=250mm x H=800mmweigh or weigh than 23kg. Items exceeding 800mm in any dimension may incur a handling charge. For comfort and security reasons, all baggage will be stored in designated baggage areas. Cabin baggage is only permitted at the discretion of the pilot
  5. Golden Bay Air and its appointed agents accept no liability for damages consequential upon the loss, delay or damage of goods or baggage. The carrier accepts no responsibility for fragile or perishable articles carried in baggage

Restricted Articles

  1. No hazardous substances may be carried on any Golden Bay Air flight. This includes but is not limited to camping fuels, flammable sprays and other flammable substances, explosives such as fireworks, poisons and toxic substances, radioactive materials, highly magnetised materials and oxidising agents
  2. Golden Bay Air can make available camping fuels at Takaka and Karamea Aerodromes by prior arrangement
  3. Firearms and ammunition may only be carried as checked baggage, in which case they must be packed in accordance with applicable laws and company policy. Passengers intending to carry these items must notify Golden Bay Air prior to the flight. The pilot may refuse carriage if he or she considers that the safety of the aircraft and passengers are at risk

Flight and Package Fare Conditions

  1. Up to 7 days before departure: fare can be refunded for a fee of $50 per one-way fare
  2. Up to 24 hours before departure booking can be rescheduled or open-dated, credit valid for 12 months, subject to $50 fee per one-way fare
  3. Less than 24 hours before departure no changes permitted, and the fare will be forfeited if passenger is a no-show
  4. No charge to transfer to another passenger, subject to availability
  5. For all changes, if the new fare is greater than the original fare paid, an additional charge equal to the fare difference will be incurred
  6. 'Special' class fares may be offered on the repositioning legs of Standard fare flights booked by other passengers (other than between Wellington and Takaka). If passengers travelling on Standard fares cancel or reschedule their booking, the repositioning flight may be cancelled, in which case holders of Special fares may credit their fares towards another booking or receive a full refund. For any other cancellation or change, our standard conditions apply
  7. When a solo traveller has paid the 2 fare minimum and others subsequently book on the same shuttle leg, one fare is refundable subject to the standard refund fee

Shuttle Fare Conditions

  1. Refundable up to 24 hours before departure subject to $10 fee per one-way fare
  2. Less than 24 hours before departure no changes permitted, and the fare will be forfeited if no-show

When a solo traveller has paid the 2 fare minimum and others subsequently book on the same shuttle leg, one fare is refundable subject to the standard refund fee

For all changes, if the new fare is greater than the original fare paid, an additional charge equal to the fare difference will be incurred

No charge to transfer a fare to another passenger

Shuttle baggage maximum 30kg per person including carry-on

Rental Car Conditions

  1. 250km daily limit, 20c per km overage charge
  2. Insurance included
  3. Insurance excess for drivers aged over 25 years holding a licence more than 1 year: $1000
  4. Insurance excess for drivers aged less than 1 year or aged between 21-24 years: $1500
  5. Insurance excess for drivers aged under 21yrs: $2000
  6. Must be returned full of fuel or $15 refill plus fuel cost charged

Responsibility and Liability

Golden Bay Air undertakes to use its best efforts to carry passengers and baggage with reasonable dispatch. Schedules are subject to change without notice and the company assumes no responsibility for passengers making connections. Golden Bay Air may, without notice, cancel the flight, substitute alternative carriers or aircraft, or alter or omit the stopping places shown on the ticket. Passengers must bear their own expenses arising from any cause due to over-carriage and/or delay, whether of passengers or baggage

Golden Bay Air shall not be liable in contract or in tort for any damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force-majeure or other events beyond the company’s reasonable control, including but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, state of emergency, pandemic, fire, floods, weather conditions, acts of God, acts of Government or other authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action

Special Conditions Karamea Services

Karamea Aerodrome is not equipped for instrument flights and therefore be more subject to weather than other airports. If Golden Bay Air is unable to commence or continue flight or carry any contracted passenger the company will attempt to provide alternate ground transport, either on the day of travel, or the following day. Golden Bay Air does not cover the cost of any overnight accommodation, nor transfers to and from accommodation to any airport. Passengers making flight connections to and from Wellington or Nelson with other carriers are advised to purchase insurance options that allow refund or changes in the event of weather disruption


Children less than two years of age may travel free of charge if seated on an adult’s lap. Children less than two years of age who travel free are not allocated a baggage allowance. However, any baggage may be included in accompanying adult allowances. Children aged between 2-11 years inclusive are charged at the applicable child fare. Golden Bay Air may request proof of age of children travelling on child fares. Children aged 7-11 years unaccompanied by an adult may be carried by prior arrangement with Golden Bay Air. Additional fees and conditions may apply to unaccompanied children if Golden Bay Air is required to use alternate transport operators for any reason


Small animals may be carried, by prior arrangement, in appropriate airline-approved pet carriers. Additional charges apply. Pet carriers are available for hire

Passengers with wheelchair requirements or special needs

Passengers with wheelchairs or special needs must discuss their individual requirements with Golden Bay Air at the time the booking is made. Some passengers may be required to travel with a fare-paying companion

Refusal of Passage

Golden Bay Air reserves the right to search any passenger or baggage to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions. Golden Bay Air may refuse passage to any passenger if:

  1. The pilot in command considers that refusal is in the interests of the health and safety of passengers, property or crew
  2. The passenger has failed to observe reasonable instruction of Golden Bay Air crew, staff or agents
  3. The passenger has not paid the fare
  4. The passenger has not declared accurate body or baggage weights

Carriage and use of our facilities hereunder is subject to:

  1. The provisions the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and relevant rules
  2. The Carriage of Goods Act 1979
  3. Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  4. Applicable terms and conditions of Golden Bay Air Limited's Air Transport Operator Licence
  5. The provisions contained in the passenger's ticket
  6. The conditions of carriage of any alternate transport companies utilised


Customer feedback, suggestions or complaints should be emailed to: feedback@goldenbayair.co.nz

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