Heaphy Track for Bikers from Karamea

Map showing Golden Bay Air flight and shuttle routes between Karamea, Kohaihai, Takaka, and Brown Hut

Golden Bay Air scheduled flights and scheduled shuttles make it easy for bikers parking at Karamea to ride the Heaphy Track. We offer a great value Karamea-based Heaphy Track transport package. Those riding from Kohaihai to Brown Hut can take advantage of our flight fare specials on the repositioning legs between Takaka and Karamea.

You can search flights and shuttles online but to book seats with bike freight, please contact us. Minimum two fares may apply on services that have no existing bookings. Solo riders can join existing services or book the 2 fare minimum. If others then book on the same leg, we will refund any additional fare paid less a refund fee.

We recommend you check out the availability of your Heaphy transport before you book your huts or campsites with the Department of Conservation and check our Heaphy Track Frequently Asked Questions prior to booking.

See also our Heaphy Track Transport for Walkers from Karamea.

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